A big misconception about prayer in Umrah

So many rewards and virtues are dependent in Umrah worship so that the pilgrims are competing to perform Umrah worship, even many who unconsciously do things that are beyond the provisions that have been exemplified by the Prophet! Meanwhile, you can also check out umrah packages 2018 to get the best deals for your Umrah travel.

Once we know the understanding of Umrah and its trinkets, we can be wary of misunderstanding in the meaning and in the implementation of the Umrah worship. Do not let Umrah worship us in vain because it does not understand Umrah understanding well and fall into this misguided or bid’ah.

Prayer will be granted immediately if we pray around the Kaaba.

This is not true because there is no proof of shari’a. Even if you find a hadith that says this, this hadith is either weak or daif. A cleric Shaykh Saad Al Humaid said that the opinion that says it is not true because worship must be based on the evidence that saheeh and not ambiguous and God knows the best.

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