Considerations Before Buying a Secondhand Laptop



There are various reasons why someone buys a used laptop instead of a new laptop. Of course, a limited budget to be the main reason besides maybe the desired laptop is already not circulating in the market anymore. Indeed, until recently the price comparison between new and used laptops is still a very far difference. So consumers tend to buy used laptops as daily friends in work and move. You can get secondhand pc ขายคอมมือสอง by visiting our website.


  1. Portability


Your main reason for buying a laptop is this one thing. If you are not too troubled with the case of portability, why do not you choose to buy a PC (desktop computer) only?


  1. Price offered


Do not be surprised at the price. A second-hand laptop may cost the equivalent of the latest PC. But with consideration of portability above, maybe you will still choose to buy used a laptop.


  1. Speed


Generally, the speed or performance of the laptop is 20-30% lower than the PC for the same speed (same clock speed processor, equivalent hard disk capacity, comparable video memory). When choosing a used laptop, you should no longer think to compare its performance with PC


  1. Upgrade capability


Note the ability to upgrade it, such as RAM, CPU or hard drive. Generally, the laptop still has the ability to increase the amount of memory and volume of its hard drive. For CPU, not all brands provide this facility. Once you consider carefully the above, it is time for you to hunt for a used laptop.


If you are determined to choose a used laptop with all the risks, make sure you observe in detail the goods you want. Do not buy something that is not certain of his condition. Thoroughly and look carefully at the laptop you want before deciding to buy it. You can ask how much the new price of a used laptop and when it is produced. If the seller does not know what you are asking, seek information first from another place, such as the internet or magazine so you get the price range and the year of purchase. From here you can determine, whether the seller set the price is too expensive or not, by using the calculation of laptop price depreciation.

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