This is the Difference between 3G and 4G Networks You Must Know

Now, a fast internet connection is something everyone really needs. The many things that can be done on the internet make them need a fast internet connection. Unfortunately, in the remote areas, fast internet connection is a difficult thing to get. However, because there is internet pelosok. Fast internet connections are not that difficult to find.

For now, internet connection differs between available networks. Now, there are 3G and 4G fingers that can be used by everyone who needs them. Then, what is the difference between the two networks? in practice, the 3G network does not give priority to the internet because it focuses on the phone and chat is still very simple. However, as the development of the Internet and the rapid development, then everyone needs a better and faster 4G network than the previous network. the 4G network prioritizes faster Internet connections, as one’s need for internet is also increasing, ranging from opening photos and videos, listening to music to social media browsing every day.

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