The condition of a land affects its owner investment

From land investment, you can encroach on the function of the land itself. You can use it to build houses, shophouses, rented houses, or even homestay. You need to be aware that land is a potential economic source because of its limited number, but it is needed by many people. With population growth increasing every year, will result in soaring land prices. However, before you have to pay attention to the condition of the land to be invested. Meanwhile, you might also want to visit to get the reliable land insurance service in your area.


The condition of this land covers many things, including the form of soil, flatness and density of the soil, the size of the soil, and facing the ground, all these things are very important you consider. For landform problems, buyers usually prefer a land that has a square shape and also a trapezoid. However, sometimes buyers feel reluctant also with the rectangular shape of the width of his face is not good, the special rectangle is usually still in demand over the 40-75% of the total face length of the land.

For flatness and soil density, this will also be a problem for you because buyers prefer flat and dense soils, uneven and dense soils would cost money to fix it, and this would be a weakness in the negotiation process, the impact is the buyer will request a rebate on you.

For the size of the ground, this will be better if you adjust to the location of the land. For example, if you find land in the elite location of which the majority are rich, the size of the wider soil will be preferred because the rich certainly have the desire to build a grand mansion according to their dreams.

In this case, keep the minimum size of the ground is 400m2, and for the location of the majority of middle-low-ability, try to maximize the size of the ground is 200m2. This size is more in demand by the middle to lower because the price is cheaper. For the position of the ground, it is usually preferable soil facing north and south due to uniform solar lighting, besides buyers sometimes also like the land facing east due to the morning sun irradiation.