Tricks for making your own window blinds

Do you have an unused wide-sized scarf or scarf? Instead of just sitting in a closet, you can use it to be a beautiful curtain. But make sure the scarf to be used has the same color and motif to match the same. Materials needed are only two scarves, scissors, glue gunshot and ring flops. Once all the ingredients are available, start making the curtains or the Roller Blinds.

The trick is very easy, first, choose a scarf that you like. It would be more interesting if the scarf had lace at the end. After that, scissor one end of the shawl because it will be used to hang the curtain. Use the fireflies to fold the ends of the cut shawls.

The ends of the scarf can span between 3 and 5 centimeters. You have to be careful when using a glue gun because the tip of the glue is very hot. If you do not have a glue shot you can also sew the end with a thread. Finally, pin the rings on the end of the scarf and attach them to the curtain holder. This curtain will be great for your home or apartment.

Besides what if you get bored with your plain home curtains, you may need to give a touch that will make the curtains more colorful. One of the materials that can be utilized is the cloth ribbons. Prepare the colorful ribbons of color and two strands of plain white fabric with no shades.

Expand the white cloth and then tape the cut tape to the width of the cloth. You can be creative with ribbons, for example choosing the favorite color or make interesting patterns. The ribbon is taped to the fabric using a special glue cloth to adhere perfectly.

The ribbon is taped horizontally, interspersed with different colors. Leave the distance at the end of the fabric to create a hole to be used as a hook. You can pierce it with cloth scissors. Cut it into a slashed shape. If you have drilled six holes in each cloth, pin the ribbon and then attach it to your window.