Tips on Using Electricity Wisely

Electricity plays the important role in human life. As we all do, most of the things or activities in our daily life benefit from the electrical. However, you should know that using the electricity bill and save the earth.

– Turn on the electricity as necessary, the rest is turned off

– Avoid storing hot food in the refrigerator

– Adjust and adjust the air conditioner temperature based on the room area

– Use washing machine according to capacity

– Make a water reservoir if you use a pumping machine

– Buy an iron that has an automatic heat regulator

– Turn on the television when you want to watch, do not get used to the tv when you fall asleep

– When you want to cook rice in the rice cooker, use water that has been heated first, this way can shorten the cooking time so that electricity consumption can be saved

– When during the day use sunlight to shine in the room of your house

– Use energy saving lamps, for your computer using an LCD or LED monitor because it is more power efficient than using a tube monitor.

– Unplug the phone charger when not in use, because when the charger is left fixed to the power source, then the electricity will be wasted.

– If your electrical appliances TV, radio, charger, computer, refrigerator, etc. are not being used in the long run, you should turn off by pressing off, but even if you have pressed off it turns electricity still flowing to your electronic equipment you should also unplug the cable from the central power source.

– Avoid stacking of plugs to avoid short circuit that can cause a fire

– If you’re still having trouble controlling your home electricity, you can now consider switching to prepaid electricity. Just like buying a phone call, the electricity bill will be adjusted with the package you purchased and will expire on its own if the quota has been reached.

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