Useful tips for changing a car battery

When you want to change the car battery, make sure to park the car in a safe and flat. Also, make sure to park the vehicle away from sources of fire or electricity and install handbrake. Furthermore, of all electrical components including cigarette batik and other electrical components. Once all these components have been secured, you can start opening the hood. Meanwhile, if you want to buy a car battery charger soon, you may visit to find a good guide for it.

Release Old Car Battery

Before removing the car battery, you should know where the car battery location is located. Generally, the car battery is located under the hood and looks quite striking with its boxy shape with two connecting cables. But for some European-made cars, car batteries could be located under the trunk. Some even are near the axle. After finding the location of the car battery, identify the terminal portion of the battery, especially the positive and negative poles. Mark the two terminals to avoid mixing. Release the negative terminal first followed by the positive terminal. Be sure to release the negative terminal first. How to replace this battery should be a record for your safety as well.

After all, terminals have been released, you can start removing the battery by removing the bolts on the battery stand. It should be noted, the weight of the car battery can reach 13 kg to 27 kg. Therefore if it is too heavy, do not hesitate to ask someone else for help.

Put a New Battery

Prepare the replacement battery and clean the terminal cable and car battery holder. You can use a wire brush and baking soda to clean it. If the rust on the cable terminals is severe enough, you can seek help from an expert. After you finish cleaning the terminal cable and battery holder, you can start installing a new battery by placing it in the space provided. Tighten the bolt on the battery stand so that the battery stands firmly in place. Next plug the positive and negative terminals sequentially and tighten.

To prevent corrosion, do not forget to spray lithium spray on the terminal. After that cover, the hood, plug all electrical components and turn on the car. If there is no problem, then the replacement of new battery successfully done.

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